Core networks

If servers are the brain, then core networks are the heart of an IT system and a key point for delivering information services within a company. On the one hand, a core network needs to transfer information between servers or applications to users while on the other hand, communication within the IT system is also becoming increasingly important.

With the rise of digital transformation, the most significant shift is happening at the level of system integration that leads solutions such as big data and Internet of Things, which mean that IT systems are now having added devices and sensors that haven’t been used in IP networks until now.

Did you know that 80% of all network traffic is generated within the data center without ever leaving it?

This is why we can no longer imagine a core network without broadband (10 Gb or more) networks. Regardless of the company size, the core network needs to be designed carefully as each core network is a story unto itself and needs to be adapted to the company’s needs and processes.

No matter how large the company, the basic rules of core networks need to be followed:

  • Simplicity: Core networks need to be planned for simplicity, since quality solutions are based on symmetry.
  • Robustness: A core network needs to deliver redundancy across all levels and the downtime of any component should not affect the system stability.
  • Scalability: Every core network needs to be planned so it can be expanded at any time. If a core network’s capacity is too low, you may face the need for a potentially expensive upgrade relatively quickly down the road.
  • Security: The core network needs to be planned to ensure basic operational security. You must primarily focus on correct network segmentation to support effective deployment of security features into the network.

Improve your system efficiency

Make sure your network  is up 24/7 without interruption.

Control your costs

Avoid unplanned network downtime.

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