The smooth running of any transport network is vital for the movement of goods, people and services.

Underpinning any transport infrastructure – be it an airport, motorway, railway, public transport operator or waterway – is technology. The critical nature of the transport network makes the reliability and accuracy of the technology and communications infrastructure on which it sits crucial. However, this also makes it complex.

At Axians, we support the smooth delivery of: inputs to places of production; goods and services to customers; and customers to marketplaces.

We have a number of ICT and telecoms solutions and services to meet both the shared pressures and diverse needs affecting the transport sector.

How Axians can help Transport

Carrier-grade networks for Transport

Ensuring that airports, motorway owners, railway infrastructure, public transport and waterways operators have a reliable communications infrastructure for both their internal operations and for their customers.

Private Mobile Radio Networks for transport infrastructures

We design and implement private mobile radio networks providing continuous connectivity. Covering all areas, indoor and outdoor, along railway tracks, airport and harbours we enable reliable and secure voice, video and data communications for business critical applications.

Robust IT and Communications for Motorways

For motorways we provide robust communications and IT solutions at the tolls, digital signage solutions, and fixed and mobile communications along the carriageways.

Secure communication for public transports operations

For public transport operators we provide ICT solutions including the on-board hardware and the train-to-ground communication systems which enable secure communication, data, video, audio, between rolling stock equipment, drivers, passengers and control rooms. Complying with all main strict requirements of this environment.

Ensuring railway safety with communication systems for critical applications

For railways we design, deploy and maintain GSM-R networks that enable ERTMS signaling, which enhance safety and increase efficiency of train transports.

Reliable IT systems and communication networks for Airports

From airport operators, airlines, handling companies, first responders and retail, we provide complete IT and communication solutions that respond to the various needs of an airport, reaching from airside to the terminal.

Daily network coverage for millions of passengers

Since 2017, Axians Rail has been bringing connectivity across France also to confined areas like railway tunnelsCovering more than 110 km of tunnels, we are providing daily network coverage to millions of passengers.

We embrace IoT securely, to gather, manage and store vital information about the state of Transport Infrastructure

Maintaining an efficient and optimised network can also be a real challenge for the sector. We work with our customers to embrace IoT securely, to gather, manage and store vital information about the state of Transport Infrastructure from which to make better decisions regarding future maintenance. With impacts ranging from the  volume of road traffic and peak times to fly, through to the role of sensors and the ability to better plan and act before something fails is vital for the whole sector.

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