The challenges facing the utilities sector are constantly evolving

Electricity, gas, water and related services businesses are striving to develop cleaner energy sources and improve efficiencies, as environmental pressures mount. Demand disruption continues to be a challenge, with renewable energy production dependant on environmental factors beyond their control, and demand from users no longer constant or predictable.

Helping your business comes out on top

In such a competitive landscape it is crucial for utility companies to provide services that provide reliability to their customer and can quickly adapt to changing needs.

We are more than Axians – Omexom, a VINCI Energies brand

Combining the power of VINCI Energies businesses,  from Axians in ICT to Omexom in energy,  allows us to propose a complete portfolio of solutions and services to electric power utilities to deliver on the promise of energy transition.

How Axians can help Utilities

Protect the grid against cyberattacks

With the arrival of the smart grid, two aspects will lead to additional threats. Firstly, the need to have all the elements in the grid connected, and secondly the integration of IT and OT.  This is why implementing the adequate cybersecurity measures is critical for grid operators.

IP MPLS for substations

With a growing need for better data  communications between substations, Axians help utilities evolve their transport networks to IP MPLS multiservice networks. Enabling a dependable network for both critical and non-critical services.

Private Mobile Radio Network

For critical services requiring mobility, Axians private mobile radio networks solution provides a more reliable mobile infrastructure for the sector. Security of ICT infrastructure is also front of mind, with all of our solutions meeting IT OT cybersecurity needs.

Keep an accurate record of materials being used and time spent on jobs

Axians maintenance planning capacity software helps field technicians keep an accurate record of materials being used and time spent on jobs. Integration with the back office and ERP systems ensures accurate analysis for future planning


Embracing the changing role of utilities companies

In addition to supporting current needs, we also work with companies who are embracing the changing role of utilities companies  today, as many look to diversify into the carrier business leveraging their existing telecom infrastructures networks.

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