Local, wireless and wide-area networks

Allow your employees to connect to the company network at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The way we work has changed profoundly over the years. 10 years ago, we exclusively relied on desktop computers that waited for us on our work desks. Today, we use several devices instead. The ability to access business e-mail using a phone is now standard and the dynamics of business has changed so profoundly that we need to remain responsive and adaptable


Local networks provide connectivity for personal computers, company networks and internet. Physical connections remain the most reliable and widely recommended connection type for desktop PCs and office devices (laptops, printers, IP phones, conferencing systems).


A great advantage of wireless networks is that they provide connectivity not only to laptops but also to wireless devices that are increasingly popular. It has become very common for managers to use tablet PCs at meetings and to rely on mobile phones to respond to e-mail.  Company guests also often ask for wireless network passwords. Wireless networks have become standard and a service required by users.


Is your company spread across multiple locations in Albania or globally? With the rise of centralisation and virtualisation, most server capacities that provide IT services have been moved to the company’s central location. To support this trend, you need a WAN solution that makes it possible to connect securely, quickly and reliably from remote locations.

  • Flexibility

    Adapt to the modern user.

  • Security

    Connect securely to the world.

  • Reliability

    Ensure network reliability.

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