Network Access Control

Do you remember the attack by “WannaCry” ransomware and the consequences it had for infected companies? Network access control is primarily a security solution as it ensures that each user connecting to an enterprise network is authenticated. This means no user or device can access the network unless the authentication process confirms they are trustworthy.

If we return to WannaCry ransomware, a network access control solution would have contained the damage caused by malicious code to the computer of the user who triggered it and stopped it from spreading across the entire company.

Network access control is applied per user, device and type of access based on which the user’s level of access is determined. For example, John has different permissions when connecting through a smartphone or personal computer as the system recognizes the user as well as the device.

New forms of work occur in practice (work from home, contractor work) that do not require the worker to be physically present; all they require is a connection to the company’s data center. Using remote VPN access, we can ensure that the user used IT services securely, regardless of where they are located.

Network security

Protect your network from unauthorized access.

Secure network access

Enable users to securely access your network from anywhere.

Improved User Experience

Deliver your user experience on any device.

Data center Security

Protect your intellectual property.

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