Unified communications

A unified communication platform is the foundation of effective and simple internal and external communication.

Unified communications are a platform that integrates different communication channels, such as voice, video and instant messaging. They are the foundation for effective collaboration and enable simultaneous and secure communication between participants, content sharing and document co-authoring that is available anywhere and from any device. At the same time, the communication platform needs to be able to connect with external partners/customers.

Unified communications are key to efficient work and great communication with customers who expect the ability to communicate using different communication channels as voice communication is decreasing in importance as a result of the rise of other types of communications, such as instant messaging, video and social networks.

The platform also makes it possible to log (record) communication for compliance purposes as well as improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Videoconferences (live or recorded) are also an effective tool for training users.

Support for effective collaboration

Secure, simple and efficient use

Support for all types of communication

Regulatory compliance

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