Collaboration support

Modern collaboration solutions provide teams with a single location to access all the information they require and collaboration options that are customized to the work style and goals of individual teams.

Every team is unique with its own requirement and work style. You must enable effective collaboration among team members to ensure the team can achieve its goals, whether they are working on a project, preparing a new sales initiative, developing a next-generation product or putting together the next teambuilding event.

Customized integration of services, such as group chat, online meetings, co-authoring, secure file sharing, group mail, voice and video communication and websites, drives effective and secure information management and sharing among team members. Different types of clients (laptops, tablets, phones), the right tools and secure communication support teams and their work regardless of where and when they do their work. With the ability to easily engage stakeholders outside organizational borders, it is possible to open collaboration with important business partners or other interested parties.

Team collaboration can be extended with insight into data generated by LOB applications or data sources (ERP, CRM, and various databases) to enable monitoring and analysis of various types of data in real time by using intuitive dashboards, interactive reports and insightful data visualizations.

Effective work

The latest versions of documents are available to all participants.

Streamlined communication

Simple and secure communication using any device

Support for all types of communication

The solution supports all types of communication: voice, text, image/multimedia.

Simple integration

Simple integration with business applications (ERP, CRM, etc)

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